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Never Mug A Succubus by Genyun
Mature content
Never Mug A Succubus :icongenyun:Genyun 27 5
She's a.. by Genyun
Mature content
She's a.. :icongenyun:Genyun 18 4
Futacola: Blue Stallion promo by Genyun
Mature content
Futacola: Blue Stallion promo :icongenyun:Genyun 13 4
Hot Coffee by Genyun
Mature content
Hot Coffee :icongenyun:Genyun 25 4
Perks of the job by Genyun
Mature content
Perks of the job :icongenyun:Genyun 38 5
Hell's Angel - Leathers by Genyun Hell's Angel - Leathers :icongenyun:Genyun 32 1 Hell's Angel by Genyun Hell's Angel :icongenyun:Genyun 29 12 Her Sword, too. - Nude Nersion by Genyun
Mature content
Her Sword, too. - Nude Nersion :icongenyun:Genyun 31 1
Her Sword - Nude version by Genyun
Mature content
Her Sword - Nude version :icongenyun:Genyun 65 3
Her Sword, too. by Genyun
Mature content
Her Sword, too. :icongenyun:Genyun 21 2
Her Sword by Genyun
Mature content
Her Sword :icongenyun:Genyun 41 2
One Punch Sam by Genyun One Punch Sam :icongenyun:Genyun 37 8 Well hello Gorgeous by Genyun
Mature content
Well hello Gorgeous :icongenyun:Genyun 58 5
How Tuki got her groove
All was peaceful and quiet in Scuttle Town...
''You can't fire me!''
For the most part, as the citizens strolled by the marketplace, making their best to ignore the sudden outburst that came from the item shop, the place of interest for adventurers and explorers alike.
''No, ssseriously, you can't fire me!''
The loud voice, coming from the back-store, startled most of the customers as the shopkeeper, embarrassed, tried to calm things down with the demanding and loud source of this outcry, a snake-woman of unknown origin that had bizarrely appeared in town, to no one's notice save for the shopkeeper himself.
''Where will I go? What will I do? I'm ssso close to my dream, I can almost tassste it! You can't do thisss to me!'' she complained, standing as tall as she could to look intimidating despite her flustered manners.
''You're right, Tuki, I can't fire you,'' the shopkeeper said, sighing a little as he looked at Tuki's smiling and radiant face as he announced that. ''Technically, you'r
:iconincredibleintruder:IncredibleIntruder 37 13
Shantae: Dancing Trance
*This is a sequel to another story of mine. I would suggest you read it before reading this one: *
Self-doubt was most assuredly her worst enemy.
As she moved in the backstage of the dance parlor, Shantae felt a tinge of anxiety in her throat and her stomach, as she knew she'd need to perform once again, trying to keep up with the reputation she had gained. Despite the fact that she had vanquished the Pirate Lord, saved Sequin Land too many times to count and fought monsters twice her size, she always had that little fear lodged within her gut that made her slightly hesitate to get on the stage. They all loved her, of course, and that little concern would be reduced to naught when the spotlights would be on her, yet there was always this nagging little thought that dragged her upbeat attitude down.
What if she made a mistake?
Always shouldering huge responsibilities and taking it all upon itself when danger arose, the quiet moments like these
:iconincredibleintruder:IncredibleIntruder 69 12
Shantae: The snake dancer
What kind of sword was this?
Looking through her inventory, Shantae dearly hoped that she had something that could help her in this tenuous situation. Having gone through a long ordeal, vanquished multiple enemies and being a little exhausted from such a long trip, the last thing she expected to see get in her way was a gigantic wall, one that she had no way around or below. Normally, such a challenge would be easily overcome by using her talent of transformation, dancing into her monkey form to overcome this, yet the multiple spikes and vicious enemies clinging on the surface seemed to imply that this solution was unfortunately unavailable for her at this moment. Her equipment, as small as it was, didn't include any rope, or any items that could allow her to jump higher, or to protect herself against such elements, what she did find, however, was a completely useless sword that, last she recall, Bolo had crafted for her.
''This is the last time I let Bolo near a forge. I can't even at
:iconincredibleintruder:IncredibleIntruder 189 54


John Chame Winter
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